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Answer: Yes you can!

If you want to add a new canoe or Packrafting tour description on you should send us some information about this tour.


Basic Information for new canoe or packrafting tour

Please send us these basic information about a the new trip. This information are mandatory so that we can add a new tour on

1. Name(s) of the river / lake over the new tour runs

2. Starting point: Name and GPS coordinates where the tour begins. (GPS coordinates and names from stopovers during the tour are also very helpful)

3. End point: Name and GPS coordinates where the tour ends

4. What is the main characteristic of the tour: Lake paddling, river paddling or white water paddling

5. Length of the new canoe / Packrafting trip

6. Number of portages where you can not paddle. Please let us also know how long these portage are.

7. What is the main landscape characteristic? Forest? Wilderness? Open landscape?


Optional information for new Packrafting and conoe tours

The more information is available about a tour the better. Optional you can send us more information about a tour. For example:

  • Detailed text or description of the tour
  • KML file with additional information about the route
  • Pictures from the canoe or packrafting trip. We prefer pictures without people on it.


You can send the information to:


Thanks and kind regards!


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