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Sweden: An area of 450,000 square-kilometres, with 9 million inhabitants. From a German perspective, this means that Sweden is one third larger than Germany, but has about 90% fewer inhabitants. 9% of the area of Sweden is covered with water. Numerous rivers and lakes in Sweden are perfect for paddling. It is also possible to paddle in the archipelago on the western and eastern coast. Sweden offers all forms of canoeing. Calm waters with the possibilities in the evening always consult a campsite. You can find extreme canoe tours in the north of Lapland which presuppose a conscientious preparation and experience.

Sweden is justly known as the canoe country number 1 in Europe. There is a very good infrastructure for canoeing. Swedes themselves like to spend their free time in the nature, not only for canoeing, so there are almost everywhere a canoe rental or a supplier which one can help you if you want to plan a canoe trip.


Map of Sweden


Übersicht Karte Kanutouren in Schweden

Map Sweden: Counties of Sweden

S-01 Lappland S-02 Norrbotten S-03 Västerbotten S-04 Jämtland S-05 Ångermanland S-06 Medelpad S-07 Härjedalen S-08 Hälsingland S-09 Gästrikland S-10 Dalarna S-11 Värmland S-12 Västmanland S-13 Närke S-14 Södermanland S-15 Uppland S-16 Dalsland S-17 Bohuslän S-18 Västergötland S-19 Östergötland S-20 Småland S-21 Halland S-22 Blekinge S-23 Skåne