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This list offers an overview of well-known canoe rentals and canoe-tour organizers in Sweden. Besides renting out canoes, these companies provide other services such as e.g. drop-off and pick-up services for you and your gear, which are often unavoidable during a canoe tour in Sweden. In addition, they rent out equipment such as tents, waterproof barrels, canoe maps, fishing gear, etc. … or whatever else you might need for an amazing canoe tour in Sweden. These organizers also offer advice whether a certain canoe tour is suitable for e.g. families or beginners.

Canoe rentals in Sweden offer various services, which can be recognized by the service icons shown next to each individual company. An explanation of each icon and service can be found underneath each entry.  The green pins on the canoe map of Sweden show you the location of each rental service.

Silverlake Camp & Kanot AB

Christer Emanuelsson

Brogatan 2, 66631 Bengtsfors, Schweden

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Tel: 0046531 12173

Mobil: 0046706655222

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Service canadier verleih service kajak verleih service transportfahrt abholdienst service familienfreundlich Service Camping Service Kanu Zubehoer Einkaufen service uebernachtung huettenvermietung service angeln service weitere outdoor angebote Kanu Kurs 

Kanuverleih im schönen Dalsland

Silverlake ist ein Anbieter für Outdoor Events. Seit über 30 Jahren verleihen wir Kanus mit dazugehörigen Freizeitangeboten. Die letzte Erweiterung unseres Unternehmens ist das Silverlake Camp in Kråkviken (15 km nördlich von Bengtsfors). Es hat sich herausgestellt, dass hier eine hervorragende Startstelle für unsere Touren in der schönen schwedischen Natur sind. Silverlake Camp hat einen Aufenthaltsraum mit angeschlossener Küche. Es stehen aber auch Lappenhütten und Militärzelte zum Übernachten zur Verfügung.

 Silverlake 1

Silverlake 2

Silverlake 3

Silverlake 4 


Kanutour Bengtsfors - Forsbacka (S-16-001)

Kanutour Västra Silen (S-16-006)

Kanutour Stora Le – Foxen - Lelång (S-16-008)




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 Canoe rentals and Tour operators. Possible services



Service canadier verleih

 You can rent a (Canadian) canoe

service kajak verleih You can rent a kayak
service guide Guided canoe trips are possible. service transportfahrt abholdienst Shuttle service. Canoe- Shuttle. Transport service. Pick up service available to be picked up or bring up at certain points
service camping A camp ground with sanitary facilities available service uebernachtung huettenvermietung It is possible to rent a cabin or a Stugor. Possibly even a single room.
service essen The canoe rental also offers food and drinks.
service angeln There are also fishing trips available or it is possible to rent fishing equipment
service hundeschlitten touren The canoe rental companies also offer dog sled tours service weitere outdoor angebote Other outdoor activities like Archery, elk safaris are also offered
service familienfreundlich Family- friendly canoe tours are known. Also suitable for children. Kanu Kurs Canoeing courses in the program. Introduction to basic paddling techniques for beginners as well as advanced users.
Service Rafting The organizer also offers rafting trips. Rafting groups by appointment Service Kanu Zubehoer Einkaufen It is possible to buy canoeing, kayaking and outdoor accessories.
Service Wasserflugzeug It is possible that flights by seaplane can be organized. Transport of canoes by appointment. Service Hubschrauber Organisation of helicopter flying. Transport to remote rivers and lakes for canoeing, fishing and rafting trips.
Service-Angeltouren Fishing tours (on request also guided) could be organized. Fishing lessons. Fishing licenses on request Service-Langlauf-Skitouren Cross-country skiing and ski tours can be carried out. On request, equipment rental.
Service-Moutainbike-Fahrrad Bicycles can be rented. Bicycle tours for mountain bikes are known.
Service-Wandertouren-Trekki Hiking and trekking. Walking tours are close to the canoe rental area.
Service-Sauna Sauna is available at the base camp or in the rentable cabins. Service-Schneeschuhlaufen Special snowshoe tours possible. With known guide or stretching.
Stand Up Paddling SUP Stand Up Paddling - SUP. Equipment availiable Packrafting Dienstleisung Packrafting - Tours and equipment availiable

Contacting the canoe rental. Following languages are possible, spoken by the tour operators:

We speak Swedish We speak English We speak Norwegian We speak German We speak French We speak Finish


You are a tour operator and want to add your canoe rental to the list above? Please send us a message by using the  Contact form.